Sunday, December 27, 2015

The Recyclists Christmas Party Yesterday December 26, 2015 at the house of Jess Verchez

Wheels of Happiness

Rizal Philippines
December 27, 2015

We held the annual party, the Christmas party at the house of Jess Verchez yesterday.  It was a potluch, with P100 worth of exchange gifts.  Who were there:   Pres Luis, Vhen, Engineer June, Tito, Smith, (Rommel) Alan, Jeff, Val, Sec Noe, Papa Ric, Ed (7 days) Weng, Angel (Balubar)  Joel, Gerry K, Gerry Y, Richard, Jorgeusbiker, Jess, Meong, Hannah and Father Smith, Papa Ric. Jose .  Jimmy, Exequiel, and Chito F.

Who were not there:   Echo, VM, Master

There was plenty of food and wine (brandy -   empty, 4 bottles with one large one gallon, red wine - brought by Engineer June food:  salad, lechong manok, ginataang sugpo,laing, calderetang fried itik, cake, nata sweet, putong puti, bibingka, dinuguan pansit.  Mabuti na coordinate namin ni Sec Noe ang pansit, kung di overflowing ang pansit.

Then we had videoke singing with Joel, Sec. Noe, Richard, and of course Jerry

And then we had lots of fun with exchange gifts.

Everybody was clamoring for new uniform.   Gerry Y was assigned to ask for price, the DP.   Everybody prefers a terno:   upper jersey with shorts and bib.   The target date is March 2015

                                    Gerry, Sec Noe, Tito and Jess

                                      Calderetang Fried Itik brought by Smith

                                        That is Jimmy's back at the middle

                                   Nata sweet and Pansit


                                                 Magaling kumanta si Sec Noe

                                      Gerry and Alan - a very strong mountain climber now

                                      Angel, Richard and Chito F

                                                     Angel, Joel and Chito

                                              Papa Ric still going very strong

                                            Jose and Meong

                                            Ed de los Reyes (7 days)

                                 Smith gesturing as he makes kuwento while Jimmy, Tito and Engr. June listen

                                         Gerry and Val

                                        Sec Noe, Gerry, Joel, Alan and Weng

                                Richard and Jeff, Richard sings, Jeff listens and reads song

                                             Smith admires rider in bike mag

                                           Pres Luis conducts the exchange gifts

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