Thursday, December 31, 2015

I biked today, December 31, 2015 as a celebration of ride for the year

Wheels of Happiness

Rizal Philippines
December 31, 2015

It will be New Year in 7 hours.  Happy New Year every one.

I biked today to Pililla, km 58 to celebrate the closure to 365 days of 2015 ( a distance of 30 km 60 km out and back).  Not many biked today because the weather looked bad.  There was shower in Binangonan, and in Tanay and Pililla.

There was traffic in Angono, and it took me 30 minutes to exit the Angono market,  and another 20 minutes to get clear of traffic.  Some of the traffic can be avoided if:

Lessening traffic congestion

1.  the roads will be cleared of vendors; this morning, their wares spill over to the raodway.

2.  there is orderly movement of pedestrian, proper use of pedestrian lane

3.  vehicles are  not parked  at  the highway, where congestion is at its highest (in Angono and Binangonan boundary, the vehicles are parked and blocked traffic near Mercury and Zenco;

4.  the tricycle terminals are farther away. As of this morning, their coming and going, their u turns slow down further the very slow traffic.


I used 32 x 15 to 17 gear going up to Callahan, but shifted to 44 x 15 from Morong to Pililla.  It felt good.  Going back to Callahan and LLDA I was at 44 x 17 and 19.  Good enough, but not as good as Alan.

Getting stronger from MTB rides

I feel that I am getting stronger (despite advancing age) due to interspersed MTB rides.  I could climb sitting down without having to stand up, with sustained harder pedaling rate.  I must be doing between 90 to 110 rpm.   As a matter of fact, when I was overtaken by MTB in Tayuman, I passed him until he caught up with me going up to Montevideo;  another one by a Yellow jerseyed  road biker in Lagundi.  I chased him and even overtook him until the ascent to Tanay boundary. Going back there was this road biker spinning whom I overtook in Tanay, but again, being younger, he passed me at the Baras Tanay hill boundary.

I must have done 40 kph sprinting all out in Calumpang highway twice.

The showers were intermittent.  There was shower after I arrived in my hometown.

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