Tuesday, December 22, 2015

My bike ride today, December 22, 2015 and attendance of Company Christmas Party

Wheels of Happiness

Rizal Philippines
December 22, 2015

                              With my wife, children, and our staff

                                 Neng's Galley

I tried to make my bike ride today memorable.  It is the Christmas party of the staff of the two of the businesses we work in.  It was to be held at Neng's Galley in Tanay (km 55+)  I thought it to be good idea to bike there to work up my appetite.   I used the SAVA MTB.  However, the journey was to be slow and challenging.  The wide and big tires had a lot of rolling resistance, and the wind was blowing strong.  To top it all, I was ambitious and tried to go to Tanay via the diversion in Cardona.  The other day, I saw somebody who lives in Diversion and who bikes regularly to work on a MTB walked up the Western side ascent (from LLDA)  However, I used the 32 x 30 gear.  I huffed but I made it.

I still biked up to KM 58 and tried to outride  trio two MTBs and one fixie from KM 54 to KM 58.   Hehe.  They were probably in their twenties.   As soon as reached KM 58, I went back to Neng's galley at km 55 +.  And there I waited for the others to arrive.   The first batch from Morong arrived at 11:15, and the second batch from Angono at 12.  Talk about being on time and Filipino time

We had sumptuous lunch  (for 11 people) consisting of pansit, fried chicken, bulalao, pansit, ginataang swahe, kare kare. Wow!   and Leche plan.

After the lunch, we had the usual speeches and gift giving.

Merry Christmas!

                                  Neng's Galley decor and landscaping

                                The view of the resto  as I arrived

                                 The non operational indoor waterfalls of the resto

                                   Our Christmas gift to our staff

                               Delicious lunch:   bulalo over there and deep fried dalag

                        Mouth watering viand for the hungry biker:  fried chicken, pansit, ginataan swahe

                                 Gifts for the staff

                                 Jorgeusbiker, wife, children, and staff


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