Saturday, December 19, 2015

Carbon fiber cheap repair

Wheels of Happiness

Rizal Philippines
December 19, 2015

Do it yourself.  You need time though and patience to do it.

Have it repaired by a shop (for a hefty fee)

You do not need to send back your carbon fiber bike to the manufacturer in case of crack from normal use (or accident - in which case the warranty is voided) There are You Tube videos on how to do it.

All you need are:

1.  Carbon fiber repair kit which consist of

       1.   carbon fiber fabric
       2.  Polymer
       3.  Sand paper
       4.  Paint brush
       5.  Used glass container for mixing the polymer

2.  Grinder (for quick sanding/paint removal


1.  Grind away the the paint affected area

2.  Wipe clean and dry

3.  Mix polymer and catalyst 2 to 1

4.  Paint over affected area

For the next procedure, the videos differ in approach

      1.  Lay the the fiber over the affected area and impregnate with polymer

      2.  Lay the fiber on a wax paper, impregnate with polymer and when done, wrap around the affected area

     I find two better as you avoid wrinkles and makes for better placement of the carbon fiber

5.  Wrap with wax paper (so that the resins do not stick) and tape tightly for good finish sticking of the fiber on the frame.

6.  Check the following day;  unwrap.

     There are some that calls for layer by layer placement.  Other video show the one time placment of the fibers.  Which is better?

7.   Sandpaper, or grind as needed to smoothen the repair.

8.  Repaint

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