Saturday, December 26, 2015

My neighbor Long Henson's Biketour Philippines blog

Wheels of Happiness

Rizal Philippines
December 26, 2015

                       Sugod mga katipunan ng bikers;  bike tayo around Philippines

                                            Their group post ride feeding station

How did you spend your Christmas yesterday?  Had lunch dinner, gave gifts to your relatives and inaanak?

I biked and  visited some of my elderly friends and kapadyak.  Met the son and daughters of my uncle Tito Boy.  They will renew their marriage vows of 50 years on the 29th.  I had long conversation with the two inlaws on biking and business education tech.

Then I also entertained  the young namamasko, then had lunch (noche buena left overs) and then updated my blog (on certain national controversied) and read the blog of my neightbor Long Henson on travel in the Philippines via the MTB.  It is a very neatly organized bike blog simple, and very focused on MTB, its repair, and travel destination.  I suggest that you visit this:

                 Bike tour Philippines by Long Henson


I like his posts on the following:

1.  The rides -  Sagada, Marinduque and the loops in Laguna, Infanta, the Army Camp

2.  The upgrades to two chain and single chain ring.

3.  His guide on the weight of wheelsets

4/  Plan for 5000+ km ride around the Philippines. It is my dream and I hope I can join him

and more.  I hope you, especially if you are MTB rider will like this.  Thanks Long

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