Thursday, December 24, 2015

Light bike or lighter biker affect climbing?

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Rizal Philippines
December 24, 2015

Merry Christmas tomorrow.

The video that you are about to watch explains why we need to:   1.  lighten our bike (buy a bike whose parts:  wheel sets, frame, tires, BB, fork, headset must be light.  2. why we should exercise some more, diet etc. to lose weight.  We spend about $2/gram that we say (about $2,000 for every kg.  That is lot.  It should be easier and cheaper to lose weight of the engine (the biker)

VM Jun Vic mentions this findings very often.  This justifies why he opts for lighter bikes and wheel sets/tires always

There was an experiment conducted.  One bike was used and rode up 8% gradient, for a minute and the power was measured.  Two rides were made:  the basic bike (about 16 lbs) and for the second ride, 2.6 kg water bottle was added.  Two rides were made:  one at 8 kph, and second at 16 kph  The second rider who was bulkier repeated the ride.

What were the findings?

1. For the first rider, riding at 8 kph and 16 kph, doubling the speed added  output of about 40 watts.   The heavier bike (or the water bottles) increased the power output by 9 watts. That is huge

2. For the second rider who was heavier results were the same for the heavier and lighter bike. However, his heavier mass caused an increase of 40 watts. Hence, if you are overweight, or not lean, you tend to tire out faster because you have to have higher output.

3. We should rid our bikes of unnecessary weight and excess baggage. You now know why TDF riders dispose of most of their water bottles prior to a climb.  For TT riders, the advice is not to bring tools or spares or even a water bottle.  That is to conserve energy


1.  Work on the engine, reduce body weight by eating healthy foods, going to the gym, cross exercise, push ups, crunches  or doing cross exercises:  swimming, jogging etc

2.  Lighten your bike.  But lighter interior, wheelsets, chain, pedals, shoes.  On a slow staggered basis.  Unti unti.   EVERYDAY WE MUST IMPROVE

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