Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Adjusting on how to ride an MTB

Wheels of Happiness

Rizal Philippines
December 22, 2015

Merry Christmas in 2 days.

I originally bought the SAVA 580 MTB for the following purposes:

1.  use in buying pan de sal and doing other errands;

2.  to use in island tours with Molong; a high end MTB neighbor.

3.  to go back to Sagada or Legazpi in the future

4  to assist  a group of MTB who does the last mile in relief and rescue operations.

I still want to be a roadie considering the challenge of riding an MTB though how light it is (12.5 kg)  However as I ride the MTB I know that I have to learn a lot of things.:

1. Essential skills:  climbing, bunny hop, drifting, (from skidding) how to take switchbacks, endo, doing the willie, etc. pumping (unweighting and weighting the bike as you do the uneven trails.

2.  Some tips:

                                   Thus I see many MTB riders have this configuration, it ergonomic

     1.  Angle your brakes downward and not level as you get from the store.  Dapat ergo friendly bike. I did this all ready with my bike

     2.  Observe the proper seat height (as in roadie). So that there is more power;  a low set cramps your legs, thighs and you cant deliver much power

    3.  As much as possible, have short stem and low head post for proper balance

    4.  There is a huge difference in handling with lighter bike, more agile, faster  (so a 12.5 kg bike which I have is better than l6 kg bike (for those who prefer cheaper versions)

    5. No clips, or cleats is better than with cleats as you can easily avert falls if your feet are free.

    6.  Wear helmet and protective gear:  knee and elbow protector

3.  Essential things to bring on a mt trip/trail:

    1. GPS

   2.  CP

   3.  Some money

   4.  Food like banana, energy bars, chocolate and water

   5.  Jacket

   6.  Tools:   chain remover, pump, multi took,  tire patch and glue.   some spokes

4.  Tips on hill climbing:

    1.  Be motivated;

   2.  Spin

  3.  Use the low gears

  4. Sit down and relax

I got most of these at You Tube


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