Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Tito Fabay and I did 3 loops of the proposed PNP sponsored MTB race route this coming Sunday

Wheels of Happiness

Rizal Philippines
March 2, 2016

 The Mosso was put to a test and it passed
           with flying colors

Tito Fabay and I had  date this morning 7 am at the URS in Binangonan.  We will simulate the race ride of MTB this coming Sunday sponsored by PNP - 4 loops from Binangonan municipal hall area, to Calumpang Manila East Road to  Mambog, then to LLDA, right turn towards Look (not via the diversion) to Cardona town proper, to Callahan (the ascent to Queen Mary Hospital) then to Diversion, back to Binangonan town hall. There are 4 ascent there and are killer climbs:   Mambog, Callahan, the Diversion, and going up to LLDA.   We agreed on that at Richards 40th birthday last February 29, 2016

I rode on the MOSSO Aluminum MTB with XT 42, 34, 24 front chain rings.   and 11 to 32 cogs. Tito rode on an MTB with 48, 38, and 28 chain rings.  I had lower easier gears befitting a senior rider

We managed to do only 3 (that means kaya pa isa) but its kind of late after the 3rd loop and we decided it quits.   I just woke up after 4 hours, indicating how hard the efforts were.

1st loop, we were side by side.   Tito overtook me at Mambog, he led on the descent. I caught up with him at the ascent before Iglesia, and then led up Callahan, he overtook me again.  We stopped at the entrance of the diversion to fix his seat height.   Then on to the diversion climb.  He led, he used a heavy gear   38 x 24.   Caught up with him near the Fiesta Sunshine subdivision.  But on descent he was ahead, and up ot LLDA.  The loop took 40 minutes

2nd loop, I overtook him led him near BCC up to Mambog.   But he again led me at descent where he was faster.  Caught up with him again at short climb before Iglesia and led him till Callahan and dviersion.  Repetition of the previous lap.  He was stronger at diversion, but again caught up with him at the summit and led him just before the descent.   He again was ahead in the descent and LLDA climb.   As in the first loop, I did some sprint, 2x averaging 43 to 45 kph at the flats.  Using 42 x 11... It took us 30 minutes.  We said the championship time would be about 20 to 25 minutes.

It would take us 3 to 5 rides to reach that level of speed and strength

The last loop was pretty much relaxed. It took us 45 minutes to do this.  We had pakwan at Mambog and Sonny Baarde who was also on an MTB joined us.

It was a great challenge and great ride.



                                                 XT group set and gold plated chain


                                          A very handsome and fast MTB

                                               An MTB one can be truly proud of

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