Monday, March 21, 2016

Tried to do a semi Audax ride yesterday March 20, 2016

Wheels of Happiness

Rizal Philippines
March 21, 2016

I did not join the Audax ride, although it could have been a ride of lifetime, owing to unavailability of vehicle, feed support, and the very hot weather (reaching as high as 41 degrees Celsius)   But I tried to feel and experience what an Audax rider could have done.  I must have covered  130 km yesterday covering 1/2 of the Audax distance and the challenge.  (Come to think of it, I could have done the Audax ride if had a little bit more practice and courage.   I was only 70 km short, and could have covered that easily in 3 hours) Could have finished by 5 pm. If there would be an Audax in April, I could finish this. Hahaha.

I peeled off from the Recyclists Peloton at Sampaloc Shell Tanay intersection and started to climb Sampaloc by 8:00 am.   At km 58, I had a companion, Edwin from Morong who had an MTB 29er with 11 -42 gear and 2 x 11 set up.  However I had a road bike which was lighter and 11 x 36 gears with 3 x 10 front chain ring.  I towed Edwin until past Padre Pio and we parted ways at the bukohan of Jenjen at the summit.   I turned right exited at jungle base entrance to Marcos highway and pedalled fast descending up to Saksak (about 15 km to Jarels peak)  It was around 10 am when I bottomed out and wondered how I could get back up to Sampaloc.  Indeed it was a challenge, and I got the answer why it took the riders who started at 5 am from Bosoboso to start descending Sampaloc by 11 am.   The journey going up is ardous up to Daraitan intersection.  Wow it was like riding up Marcos Highway.

I was up at Sampaloc by 11 am.   And had halo halo somewhere in Sampaloc (very delicious) and descended fast.  I was at Shell by 12:00 noon.  I had to rest a lot of times because of the heat.   I was home by 2:00 pm.


Ed Valdez texted me early morning yesterday re report of one of his wards re Audax.  He said it was a killer route.  Many walked (probably the return route to Sampaloc from Marcos Highway and Sampaloc) and did not finish. They could have been better off spending the entry fee of P500 for their food or bike parts

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