Sunday, March 27, 2016

Happy Easter Sunday today; keeping up with other riders today at Antipolo and Teresa

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Happy Easter Sunday today
March 27, 2016
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I rode today to Antipolo City church after watching the salubong in Angono.I rode on the Mosso MTB (the one I used for the PNP race) There was a little difficulty in Muzon because they had the Salubong right in the middle of the highway.  Well anyway, after some delays I was on my way to Antipolo church.   There were three were two riders who passed me both on road bikes and one on Mt. Bike.  I passed the MTB rider easily.  Then I passed the two:  road bikers.  One wore a red and white jersey, one wore a white, green and black jersey.  I passed them before the seminary/fibertex.  However the one in white and green overtook me before Beverly Hills.

Then I attended the 7:00 am mass and finished this since today is Easter.  "Nilikha ng Diyos ang pambihirang araw na ito.  Tayo nang magsaya."

After the mass, I rode to Teresa and on the way down before the Sukol resorts, a road bike rider overtook me at a fast clip.  I tried to chase downhill up to the plains of Teresa. I overtook him before turnng right and never saw him again.

Then a group of riders with violet jersey, bearing the ads of a V phone, overtook me at San Guillermo. I nearly caught up with them, some 30 meters away had it not for the fact, that I had some business with a memorial park.

Then completing the loop in Morong, two MTBs sprinted until the market of Morong.  I also gave chase and they slowed down after the market and overtook them before Aldec. They were young riders not more than 30.   And then I stopped on the way to diversion road, and said "Mauna kami Tatang" in deference to my appearance and age.   Howver I closed in in the ascent, difficult portion of the diversion and they started to do a cross stich (zig zagging on the way up)  One of the riders stopped first and the second one stopped at the crest of the climb.  And of course that meant, I would have passed them.  They eventually caught up with me on the way to Binangonan and later found out  that they are from San Carlos Hts.

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