Sunday, March 6, 2016

We thank the PNP Rizal and its leadership for sponsoring the Binangonan Cardona Race today

Wheels of Happiness

Rizal Philippines
March 6, 2016

                               Rizal PNP Director PSSupt Adriano Tabaclong Enong Jr. He has
                               a magnificent MTB,  with XTR groupset and he finished the loops (30 minute l                                     ater than I did)

We thank the PNP organization in Rizal, as I did to all the police officers manning the street corners, and the ladies and gentlemen at the finish line, as I thank thanked the Provincial Director Adriano.  We appreciate their efforts, and its no small effort to organize and execute the fun run and the race, possibly to:  encourage the PNP staff to exercise and keep fit (and be persuaded to do positive things for the community) to build up the image of the PNP in the community, and to establish rapport with the "civilians"  (It is odd that they keep reminding us the civilians of the great divide, that PNP leadership thinks in terms of military vs civilians. PNP is now under Civil Service and they should be reminded of that and that PNP should have been demilitarized, and civilianized)

Special thanks for PO1 Pascua, who is with Angono PNP who assisted me with my application form for the the ride.

It is a baby step.  But it has begun.


                                    The launching kick off ceremonies/speeches
                                    Great looking lady police officers too

                                      May mga loaded na mtb mga pulis, naka XT groupsets

                                     Highway Patrol Group

             Large number of PNP personnel (hundreds) at the Binangonan Mun Hall grounds. The lady officers will give a ribbon to a rider who compeltes a loop the Municipal Hall area.

                              Lady police officers at the diversion with ribbons to confirm passage

                                  Lady officers at the finish line monitoring numbers and time

                                       With Sgt Major Tamondong of Antipolo PNP O

PSSupt Adriano was very observant and keenly aware of those who finished or not:

1.  The youngest biker
2.  The oldest biker (DNF si Papa Ric)
3.  The bamboo bike
4.  Sgt Major Tamondong (iba tumigas) DNF
5.  Lady PNP riders DNF

The rule says that 4 loops nakumpleto para maconsider na finisher.

I note though that they were not strict about the width of the tires (2.0 inches only minimum)  There were many who had MTB with narrow tires.  Unfair

It is worth noting that many of the Police Officers whom we interviewed/conversed earlier at SM parking lot either did not join the race (just the fun run) and or DNF

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