Monday, March 7, 2016

Lack of sportmanship and honesy among riders observed in today's race

Wheels of Happiness

Rizal Philippines
March 7, 2016

Lot of cheating happened yesterday

It is quite disappointing and disheartening, the lack of integrity which we hate among political leaders showed the ugly head in the race today:  the Binangonan Cardona loop sponsored by PNP.   It has no place in such a clean event and with the police even watching.

It is very evident in determining who finished or who did not.  The finisher at the said race is supposed to have completed 4 loops 48 km in total length from Binangonan, BMC, Mambog (Montevideo) Callahan, the Cardona diversion, LLDA hill, and back to Binangonan municipal hall grounds.  And yet many claimed they have finished the course.  Based on the number of ribbons and based on our observation they did not.   Some cheated by having more ribbons collected from those who quit the race.It is good the  Provincial director was observant and asked always the participant/prize awardee if he/she completed the race.   Some were brave enough to lie in public but only God knows.

A fellow Recyclist was wondering why in the top finisher category, the one who eventually finished first, way way behind the the top 2, and yet on the next loop, he was all ready ahead.  Please note that he had a MC escort

Bakit tayo magdadayaan at magsisinungalin why would we cheat in a sports event, that is supposed to prove our fitness and guts?   We lie and cheat to no one except our selves.

In the unmonitored portion of the loop ie at the diversion, there is a lot of pushing by team supporters in the uphill difficult portion.  Tito F said that one of opponents got that kind of support.  This is not to mention being towed by team vehicles while on the ride.

Sports is supposed to develop discipline and personality, not this strategizing in the guise of cheating does not have a place.  Just to win.

Only a few perhaps sinned

Better system organization needed

While there are plenty of staff, more training and observance of processes to ensure fairness and sportsmanship is needed.  Many riders took advantage of the loophole:

1.  Lack of scrutineering of bikes. While the application form specified tire size of not lower than 2.0, there were many bikes which had narrower, lighter tires.  Unfair.

2.  More system needed in monitoring loops completed . There should be 2 recorders of per rider who passed by all ready.  This was done at the loop finish, but there should be another one at the diversion because he could have picked up the ribbons on the road, dropped by other riders and made a short cut.  And then the number of ribbons should have been checked at the finish line, even at random, and checked vs the written record.

An RFID monitoring system (but this would be expensive to have the transponder (meron bang for rent) and a race monitoring software should be made available.  This post said that the reusable RFID chip cost only $5 each.  This would reduce need for manpower, reduce confusion and bedlam, protest at finish line, anwarding

From Webscorer - Recommended Set Up for Chip Timing

Webscorer version2.1

Rfid Timing (list of suppliers)

                                Minimal # of personnel required, more accurate finish time data

            The RFID waterproof device that can be attached to the helmet by plastic cable ties

                                                The RFID on top of the helmet

                                                The Antenna detector

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