Monday, October 6, 2014

Our reward on ride to #Majayjay - hearty meal of sinigang and okra with #bagoong- thanks to Ma and Pa of Jeff

Wheels of Happiness

Rizal Philippines  |  October 6, 2014

              VM, Chito Jerry, Joel and Master battle the rice adn the sinigang. At ang nagwagi.....?

Our reward in riding up to Majayjay, 100 km + and 6 hours ride was the feast at the house of Jeff.  His ma and pa prepared sinigang na baboy, steamed okra, plenty of hot rice, and bagoong for the 20 or so hungry and tired Recyclists.

We had to wait out the rain from 12 to 12:30 before proceeding to Jeff's house .  We took some biscuits and softdrinks at the corner store to stave off our hunger and thirst.   Nolite who had his usual binalot and Mario, the MTB friend of Angel, did not join the feast.

                    Miong, Vec, I and Mario were at this corner store and we bought softdrinks and biscuit

                     Resting 1 km from Jeff's place

                       Val, Jerry and Ven

                   Waiting for the rain to go away;  no rains at Kalayaan up to Angono;  it always rains in Majayjay?

                Edgar is all smiles as he arrives at Jeff's place.

                      Gerry arrives

                   Miong climbs the 14 steps going up to Jeff's parents house

                    The road leading up to Jeff's parents house

Jeff had pasalubong  -  garden tomato (the salad) type.

Thank you Jeff and Ms.

                              Pres Luis focuses on his meal

        Fat and thin:   Gerry Y and Angel (this made him recover?}
         Miong, Jess and Gerry:  discussing how to get home after the meal

We left at 1:30 in order to beat the time;  we estimated that at the that rate; we would arrive at 8:30 pm.  So we had to look for ways to get home early like hiring a jeep.

We decided that we would go home via Lukban and Cavinti, instead of going back to Magdalena.  The hills are rather steep and Jeff suggested that.  However, it was not a consolation that we had to climb no less than 20 hills, and some of them are stiff And it was raining and we could not see clearly through our eyewear.

I watched PBO this morning.  The movie feature Buko Pandan movie was shot in Luisina.

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