Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Is #Jorguesbiker improving?

Wheels of Happiness

Rizal Philippines  | October 7, 2014

Is Jorgeusbiker improving?  I think the answer is a resounding yes.  The only thing is that I do not have the finishing kick until the end, and my strength peters out at the last.  Some instances when I showed out that I can keep pace with the boys:

1.  I was near the top of the peloton from Sacred Heart until near the convention center; then the peloton overtook me.

2.  At Bugarin, I led until km 63 when the peloton overtook me.

3.  I was able to chase Gerry Y at Famy at Pangil boundary.  He said he relaxed when he saw that nobody was behind but he was not able to overtake me until  Manay

4.  I chased the group from Magdalena until the junction at Majayjay and even was behind Chito who led the group.  It was incredible for me because i was the tail end.  To close the gap and even overtake the group was an achievement at my age. I lost gas at the summit and had to buy softdrink.

5.  On the way back from Pagsanjan to Mabitac, I rode side by side with Val.  We even chased Vec and Miong before reaching Mabitac.

So I lose at the very hard portion:  the Hill Climbs and the finishing.  But I think, I can hold out my own.  I did not quite because of cramps or loss of energy. Others did and had to ride the rest of the ride at the back of Navarra pick up.  Others nga did not join because they may be intimidated by the distance and the challenge..

May the Lord give me more strength and long life to get close to the young fast Recyclists.

                  Ascending Bugarin near Km 67

                        At Manggahan, approaching km 62

                      Richard said I am staging a breakaway (I was ahead of the group until km 63 when they passed me - I was toasted then)

                   With Master in front of Pagsanjan church
                       At Luisina Park/Plaza

              At Jollibee Pagsanjan en route to Magdalena

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