Monday, October 20, 2014

Our schedule yesterday was to ride to Victoria and then downgraded to Jalajala cemetery

Wheels of Happiness

Angono,  Rizal Philippines   |  October 20, 2014

               Alan, Armin and Pres Luis

We read an FB post that we would ride to Victoria yesterday.  As we waited long for other riders, Armin and Luis watered down the ride to Jalajala cemetery.  There was also this Donaire fight.

We assembled at about 6 am... And left some 15 minutes later

                       Armin, Alan and Val

Thus we left late and we rode to Morong. and had our lugaw fare at Simples Lugawan.  There was just  one food server and it took us long to have our fare.

 VM Val, Gerry K, Jess at the left,   Armin and Alan at the right
                          Engr June presiding

                Mountain dew is still the preferred softdrink despite adverse and toxic chemicals contained like BVO

             Alan Gerry and Pres Luis resting at Simples Lugawan

                   Val and Abet V

                       The Verchez brothers

From Morong we rode straight to Jalajala cemetery.   Others stopped at Pisong Kape to wait for other riders.  Luis, Erning,  Gerry and I rode straight to Jalajala.   Jess was in tow too.  But we were the first to arrive near the Jalajala cemetery.

                 Waiting for other Recyclists to arrive

When we were there, Pres Luis changed his mind and said we would do a round Jalajala.  Armin Z was to quick to point out that many joined the ride because it was up to Jalajala cemetery only (that is 30 km to Pililla + 20 km) which was quite a manageable ride.  Out and back would be a 100 km total ride.  And I said that was a case of estafa, jokingly.

Arriving at Jalajala cemetery

                    According to VM he led the peloton for 20 km

                  Edgar, Choco2 and Engr June

                       VM,  Abet, Alan and Aspog

                   Aspog, Alan, Armin, Abet (4As) and Pres Luis

So we settled for a Punta ride. (+10 km) that would be 30 +30 km out and back.  For a 120 km total ride.   Still a modest long ride but still would leave you breathless..

We had a great time at Punta Jalajala

And so that was the story of our ride yesterday.

Arriving at Punta:

                             Val and Alan

                     Armin and Gerry

                            Tito and Pangskie

                               Aspog atop his Domane

                     Engr June at his Look

                           Gerry and Vhen

                        Vhen and Choco2


                   Nolite and Edgar (7 days)

Arriving in Cardona

             Vhen leads a group of 5 Recyclists in Cardona

                  Abet Jess and another rider arriving at Cardona bukohan.  We took the only drink available:   grape drink

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