Monday, October 27, 2014

Victoria ride yesterday - October 26, 2014 with an added bonus - round Laguna

Wheels of Happiness

Rizal Philippines  October 27, 2014

Sorry guys; no pics for this post.  I lost the camera and the pics of our ride today.  The loss could have happened at the store where we "istambayed" or from there up to home.  The camera could have dropped from my jersey pocket.


Who joined the ride:

Albert Amora








Master E

Pres Luis



Who did not join:






6:00  -  Start ride from Sacred Heart

6:50  -  Arrive Pisong Kape

7:30  -  Leave Pisong Kape

9:05  -   Arrive Manay's Panciteria at Pakil

10:40  -  Arrive Victoria  (up to this point we had travelled 90 km.  This was our main objective.  We overshot our destination and we waited at 711 near the Caluang intersection.  Tricycle drivers suggested that we go back to Victoria, Bo Balite.

10:40 to 12:00 look wait for info regarding location of our hostess in Victoria.  Made phone calls, Jeff and I rode to Balite to look for the farm.

12:00 to 1:00 lunch at the Duckland farm of our hostess customer of Jorgeusbiker consisting of:  rice, Peking Duck, balut, sapin sapin, scrambled duck egg and then we had coffee afterwards.  Thanks again to our hostess.

1:15  ride home.  We decided to ride the shorter and easier route (but smoke and traffic filled)   There was a debate as to whether we ride through MLQuezon of Muntinglupa  and TAguig and via Pasig.  However Jess suggested to go the usual route:   service road and C6.  Other were discouraged at the bad state of C6 from the post.

4:00 we were at Muntinglupa

5:00 we were at Bicutan entering the C6.  However, C6 was a washerboard and your teeth could have been loosened from the vibration

5:30 we were at the exit of C6 and one of the guys had a flat tire.   (This is where I probably lost my camera)   (Pres Luis had two flats:  one in Bay and the other at Camp
Elridge in Los Banos..

6:05 arrive in Angono.  And I was frantic that I lost my Nikon coolpix and the SD and the memories of this ride.  Huhuhu

According to cyclocomputer of Peter, we did 194 km (mga 190 siguro Angono, out and back

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