Monday, October 6, 2014

Choronology of our ride to #Majayjay yesterday, and photo album

Wheels of Happiness

Rizal Phlipppines  | October 6, 2014

         Jeff and I rode together from Angono to Sacred Heart

                         Luis and Nolite;  VM is not riding

                          Bikes waiting for the riders



Assembly at Sacred Heart Parish   -   5:30

Departure for Pisong Kape             -   6:10

                      Breakfast at Pisong Kape

                With teen food servers Justine and....


                  Ado and Chito view what remained of the bfast

                  Letting the lugaw sink in.  Jeff and Jericho

                    Gerry Y adds more weight
             Vec attaches new cable for rear changer;  he got from Luis and could not find one in Tanay.  Otherwise he would have to go home without the changer.

                       Our new domestic:  Choco2 inflates tires

Arrival at Pisong Kape                     -  7:10

We met Gerry and Edgar 1 and 2

Ascending Bugarin (photos by Richard)



       The odd man out:  Jorguesbiker (not in correct uniform)

Depart for Bugarin       -                      7:35

            Gerry sipping Gatorade at Bugarin store (Manang's)

                     Val and his black legging;  aid vs cramps

                   Behind Joel are lady bikers

                 Lady bikers

Arrive Bugarin                                     8:15


Arrive Manay's                                     9:12

Depart Manay  to Pagsanjan           9:30

Arrive at Pagsanjan church            10:05 am

Arrive Jollibee Pagsanjan                10:15

Depart for Magdelana                   10:52

Arrive Majayjay Jeff's place           12:30

Depart for Lukban                             1:30

Arrive Luisana                                    3:20

Arrive Pagsanjan                              4:00

Arrive Mabitac                                 5:00

Depart for Bugarin  via Navarra     5:30

Arrive Bugarin                                   6:00

Arrive Pisong Kape                          6:20

Depart from Bugarin                       6:30

Arrive Angono                                  7:30                

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