Monday, October 6, 2014

The most difficult part of our ride to #Majayjay yesterday; we had to use 42 gear!

Wheels of Happiness

Rizal Philippines  |  October 6, 2014

              Man this is steep;  very steep; steeper than Kennon, or even worse than M  (Bitukang Manok) Two Recyclists struggle walking and guiding their bikes uphill.

We had long, wet, and challenging ride yesterday to Majayjay Laguna, fellow rider Jeff Arquiza.  His parents who have house and farm there.  It took us 2 hours to arrive at their place; and 6 hours from Angono.

The most challenging part of the ride was the km or so hill that all but 5  (Choco2, Jeff, Pres Luis,  Idol and MTB Mario) of us use #42 gear.  You are right.  Using size 42 biking shoes to walk.

You are not a real rider unless you have experienced this.  The easier route would be via Cavinti, Luisiana and Lucban.  And much faster?

But if you let us ride this daily, this will be peanuts....
                     We biked long from Magdalena, and were thirsty and tired;  and we were surprised by this long steep heartbreak hill;

                      Vec and Chito resting at the sidelines

                  There were casualties; mostly cramps

                 Going back is a heartbreak hill too, after the descent is the steep hill where we had to walk

                    The rider had a cramp

They rode out the heartbreak hill

                          Idol  (Edgar Valdez)

                     Choco2 now a strong does not collapse rider

                    Mario friend of Angel had mountain bike with light gearing, and thus did not succumb;  he had slippers on and did not have to use 42 gear

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