Monday, November 17, 2014

Bike ride on November 16, 2014.

Wheels of Happiness

Rizal  Philippines  | November 17, 2014

I rode yesterday, although I was tired from travel to the province.  I brought the Fuji bike and wore my new Spyder helmet, and eyewear. I joined gapped near Tagpos 2 young bikers from Taytay.  They wore black jerseys  and one of them was medical student from UST who is from Taytay.  He said he used to be an MTB and today was his first day to ride a roadie:   a Specialized Carbon bike with 105 group set.  Though his chain ring is 38 24.   and his sprocket is 11 speed (with 11 sprocket) with 31 large sprocket.

Near convention center, Alan and Jess dropped us and I tried to catch up.   We dropped the dr and Secx. Noe.   Alan and Jess dropped me although I was riding furiously.   These guys left me going up Montevideo with a distance of only 30 meters and I could not see them afterwards.

At Simples lugawan in Morong  we met:   Luis, Master E, Jess, Gerry and even Richard.  Richard was big and he gained muscle mass.  He said he has been doing gym work.

I left the guys and biked to Pililla. and then back because it was Higantes festival today in Angono.  On the way to Pililla, I dropped a large bodied roadie in light blue jersey.  I must be doing 30 to 35 from Km 52 to 57.  

On the way back I chased two MtBs :  one was in yellow jersey and the other was wearing gray.  They were doing 30+ which was quite remarkable.

I was happy with my bike ride because I was able to drop some riders despite being tired from the travel.  Was it due to the 88 gm Exustar carbon fiber pedal

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