Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Interesting Views Along the Real Ride last Aug 29, 2011

Have bike, we will help save the earth...

I saw a great deal of interesting things/views in the Real Ride:  place to eat, business, plants, woodcraft, flora, and more.  That is why biking is such a pleasant sports and experience.  Please share with me the views.

                                      Interesting Orchid Flower:  Speckled Like a Leopard

                                Tambo Grass where they get Mat for Tambo Brooms

                                                     A Large Vacation House

                                            Attractions in the Real Eatery where we Ate

Other Nice Things at The Real Eatery

                                                        Other Decor at the Eatery


  I love this sports.  The sights and the experience.

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