Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Being A Club Ride Photographer

Have bike, we will help save the earth...

I heard one of the toughest job for a rookie in the bike team is to be a water boy or a mule. You fall back get the water bottles, stuff 4 or 6 at your jersey pockets and back and run after your team mates to deliver the bottle. If your team mates are doing 45 kph, you must do a time trial of 50 or more to catch up. Then you pick up the emmpties and do the process all over again. Man that is tough. After a year of doing that, you become a great rider.

The more challenging job I think is being the team photographer. You run ahead of your team mates and take their pictures. You catch up with them and then take their pictures again. That is why you seldom see pictures of club riders who are riding their bikes. It is always on their pit stops. Last Sunday, I attempted doing that. I only did it once.

The greater challenge for rookies who will be trained as club or team photographer will be to constantly take three sets of pictures: on a hill climb, one sprint, and one at the finish line. Of course that means you have to be ahead of everybody at the finish line. That is tough training.

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