Friday, August 19, 2011

It is a Holiday Today, So I Biked

Have bike, we will help save the earth...

It is a holiday today in this town. It is founding anniversary of this town and so I biked. Left at 6:30 and arrived at about 7;20 in Morong. There was a slight drizzle in Morong. I had breakfast in Maybangcal. At about 8:00 I went to Holy Angels Memorial Park. I met their staff and discussed business since they had work at Morong. I took some of their pictures so I can blog their offices.

At 9:00 I left. I passed via the lung busting route at Cardona. The sky was overcast and it was fine day for biking. Some pictures:

Google Map of Cardona Bypass

View Cardona Bypass in a larger map

                                                        Views at the Bypass in Cardona

                                                    Manang Simple ang Masarap Maglugaw

                                                        Visited Holy Angels Mem Park

View Holy Angels Memorial Park in a larger map

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