Sunday, August 21, 2011

August 21, 2011 ride to Sierra Madre

Have bike, we will help save the earth...

This is the map of our ride.

View Marcos Hi Way to Sierra Madre Hotel in a larger map

Our ride today was different from our previous ride to Sierra Madre Hotel in Tanay Rizal.  It was shorter, but much tougher.  We did not go the usual route via Cogeo and shorter by about l0 km but much tougher:  from the C Lawis (it was as long as the Kaytikling to Beverly Hills route) the Antipolo Hills and Mary Hills Subdivision. They were long and tough and had no recovery.  We came out near the Provident Memorial Park all ready.

We had breakfast, not at Boso but past the old bridge that colllapsed.

Other incidents;

> We passed by Antipolo Church for the mass;

> Edgar (7 days) got lost, (they say he was looking for the 8th day?)

>I Edgar and Master were behind the main pack at Sierra Madre by 25 mins.

> Angel got a flat tire in front of Black Madonna chapel.  He posed again with an angel.

>Rains caught up with us at Tanay.

                                               Assembly at the Antipolo Church Courtyard

                                                     At C Lawis, Waiting Looking for 7 days


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This portion of the ride made it very painful and difficult: three lung busting hills/climbs from C Lawis until the provident mem park!!!

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