Monday, August 22, 2011

Motorbiking Basics from Slideshare

Have bike, we will help save the earth...

There are too many motor bikes now on the street. They are cheap, with very low low down payment, good marketing people and ads. A lot of sales and a lot of business; people fixers at LTO, PNP are having a grand time checking motorcycles.

However, scant attention is being paid to bike rider training and safety. And we see fatal accidents and fatalities piling up.

Several years back I attended a seminar on road safety sponsored by AAP and Toyota. Mr Johnny Angeles of AAP invited me to join to represent the academe. At that time, pedestrian and motorbike accidents were all ready mounting. Well, after the hoopla, as all ningas cogon are, the enthusiasm died down.

As for me, I am only one and no one, not even people at TMG or LTO are mindful of this topic. How I wish they are concerned about people's life limb and safety.

I can not stand just being a spectator to this gory happenning. Maybe with this blog supported by Tweets, there will be some awareness and or awakening on motorbike safety.

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