Monday, May 16, 2016

Was I physically fit for the Ambuklao ride with MMS riders?

Wheels of Happiness

Rizal Philippines
May 16, 2016

                                  My bike mates at Ambuklao ride:  Dino, Long and Al

                                            Long and me descending; but taking 5 at this point


I had my doubts about me finishing the Ambuklao loop night of May 13 2016 the moment we arrived at the house of Dindo.  After hearing that Dindo and Long practiced at Sierra Madre and averaged 20kph at Sierra Madre and that Al Jamarang is young and strong.  Having just gone to Mt Data a year ago with Recyclists and knowing the challenge we had, I can only conclude that the challenge ahead was as hard or harder. (Now I know that quitting at Bayanan after Mt Data was very correct decision)

Well I finished the loop and came in 2nd to Al and there were no injuries of extreme pain with plenty to spare/ Gong up Trinidad and Halsema, I made ahead of everybody and even took pictures (sayang nabura).  Ebong made fun of that scene of taking pictures Saturday evening as we were refreshing with SML  However, my rear brakes gave up due to downhill, (the pads were dirty and needed some squirts of water

What helped me conquer the loop:

1.  Core exercises:

    Crunches  40 daily
    Push ups    20 daukt
    Lifting the bike 20 reps

2.  Frequent rides:

    3x a week at least 200 km
    several loops at Cardona diversion
    occasional speed play and sprints up to 40 kph using MTB
    riding hard gears at hill using only 44 x 32.
    ride to Sampaloc and windmill, and Antipolo with Gelo and Reymond

O boy was I ready and fit for this ride.  Thanks God, my physical preparedness met the invitation of Sir Long Henson, the founder of MMS

Happy birthday tomorrow

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