Monday, May 2, 2016

Riding better as one gets older

Wheels of Happiness

Rizal Philippines
May 2, 2016

My experience yesterday, riding up again Sampaloc, and from there riding up to the Wind Turbine farm in  Bugarin Pililla, proves that really only carabaos get old.  One can get stronger as a biker as one ages.  I will be 65 next month, and yet I can tackle as good or better than younger bikers.

I rode the entire stretch from Angono to Km 66 on 44 front chain ring and just changed the cogs from 11 to 17.  I climbed the km 61 using 44 x 30.    However I dropped to 34 x 28 and 34 x 30 riding up the final 3 km from 66 to 69.  I used the 34 chain ring going up to Bugarin.   at 23 to 30 cogs, but not at 32.

I sprinted as usual on flats and down hill.  Max of 46 kph going downhill at Baras and Bugarin;  up to 37 kph riding on flats. And that is on an MTB (the Mosso Falcon 1 with xt group set)

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