Saturday, May 28, 2016

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Wheels of Happiness

Rizal Philippines
May 28, 2016

I was mesmerized by an ad and personal offer by the top honcho of an up and coming bike store; ie that a bike model that used to cost P42,000 is now only at P25,000.  And yes, it can be bought via credit card. It was purported to be as, as carbon fiber frame to weigh only 10 kg.

So I burned the lines contacting their downtown store, getting my credit card ready, and/or raising cash and spent 3 hours commuting to their down town store.

However when I saw the bike, it was heavy, (may be 15 kg instead of the claimed 10 kg.)  It is a mechanical bike, and the one that I bought before and sold for a bargain amount is much much better.

And so I left and disappointed, my enthusiasm doused with cold water

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