Monday, May 2, 2016

Foursome rode up to Sampaloc and from there to the Windmill Farm in Bugarin

Wheels of Happiness

Rizal Philippines
May 2, 2016

There was an initial request that we ride to MoA from Gelo, a new cyclist wannabee who has a fixie and MTB.  I declined because of heavy pollution in MoA and the hazards in traffic.  So we decided instead to ride to Sampaloc and then to Regina Rica.  We decided we assemble by 5:45 at Shell Pag Asa.  Joining us were :  Vhen, and friend of Gelo who is a graphic artist at Vista Land.

And so we assembled at 5:45. Vhen came in at exactly 6:00.  He said that he met Etoy Mariposa and said would join us.   And so we rode but stopped briefly at Sacred Heart Parish for some blessing.  The mass was about to start when we arrived.

Daron, Gelo and I had MTB; Vhen had a roadbike 50-34  with 12 to 25 10 speed gears.   There was this trio of MTB whom we overtook.  Gelo rode ahead of us, but waited for us at the end of climb at Mambog.   Then up to Callahan in Cardona and then to Morong.  We did not stop at Simples Lugawan and hoped to find food stop in Tanay.  But the Tanay food were pricey and not our choice (the one near Ram Bull) We conversed with the trio whom we overtook and who overtook us.

It was Gelo and Darrons first experience at Sampaloc.  We advised them to take it slowly;  no race like movements and immediately use low gear.- preferably the 34 gears (the second of the 3 chain rings)   Gelo again led the way and I tried to catch him at km 61.  We waited for them at km 62.  Vhen and Daron came in later - Vhen bought water and suman, and Daron said he walked up the last several meters of climb at km 61.

Before the final assault to summit of the Sampaloc ride, we went to the church of Black Madonna.  Here Vhen remarked that we are doing the Bisikleta Iglesia early.

And the we had the climb.  Vhen and Gelo were behind me from km 66 to 67.5 where we rested.   We waited for Daron who said he walked  the last part of the climb using size 43.  We rested again at the waiting shed.  We asked Daron to lead us.  But he was again challenged by the anti magnetic.   And again by the sudden right hand ascending right hand curve.  We had buko and coffee at Jenjens buko stand (only P15 each) and rested for a while. It as only 9:00 am.

Afterwards, we rode to the right hand street that was leading to Regina Rica. But since a rider who came from Daraitan said there were many people in Regina Rica, and that bikers are not welcome there specially those wearing biking shorts, they decided to go instead to the wind turbine farm much to the chagrin of Vhen who had a road bike.  Fortunately for me, I knew the route because my uncle has his ranch in the vicinity and we rode from that Sampaloc area to Bugarin (as a  short cut ) Roads were paved in many parts except near the Solar Farm where it was steep and had large boulders.  We had to stop and walk our bike to the summit and then descending.  We stopped for picture taking at mango groves where unfortunately Daron had a flat tire.  We wet again an MTB elderly rider who was a constant companion  from KM 66 at Sampaloc.  He is Warly 64 years old, and hails from Sta Maria Laguna but lives in Pililla.  He was a former Seaman and is now retired taking care of his grandchildren.

After the repair and some 6 to 7 km later in hot 10 o clock sun, we arrived at the view deck where we had more photo ops. Daron, a graphics designer is an expert photographer.   At about 11:30 we started our descent at Bugarin.  By 12:00 we had our lunch at Hacienda Pisong Kape. ( Vhen sold  RB interior to fixie rider who could not get his flat fixed)

Daron was being followed up by his mother and gf.  He promised he will be back in 2 hours because he promised he will just bike to Morong.  He was presumably scammed by Gelo.

We arrived at 3 pm.  We had to make no  less than 6 stops to get drinks and cool off because the heat of the sun was terrible.  (Maybe 37 degrees?) We had to drink water, pour cold water over our head and body and jersey

Come conclusions:

1.  The two young MTB riders did very well in the climb because although it was their first time, we were able to get home in one piece (at 3 pm) without any injury

2.  They had to practice more to ride this route 100%

3.  We would not force RB to ride this route because Vhen destroyed his Shimano cleats walking up a climb full of rocks

4.  It was an interesting experience for these young riders.  It was their first try and experience.  The Tanay to Bugarin Wind Turbine ride was a first.   The route had concrete, dirt road, and even muddy portion.  It as fun and interesting experience.

5.  Always hydrate and cool off frequently in the current hot environment when you ride

6.  The riders must be encouraged to ride with repair tools:  interior, tire irons, patch and pump.  They were not prepared for this.

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