Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Descending on steep slopes using MTB; my weakness at last Saturdays ride at Ambuklao

Wheels of Happiness

Rizal Philippines
May 18, 2016

I rode with expert downhill kings last Saturday at Ambuklao.  They had to wait 3 or 5 minutes for me, about 5 times.   I braked a lot because I did not do much of cross country biking before. I am only on my 5th month of MTB.  I had to brake a lot and tread carefully lest I crash or worse, fall into steep ravines.   I rode conservatively.

Our bike companion said that to erase the vibrations and the uneven undulations of the road:  you have to have bigger tire circumference/diameter, and you have to ride with greater speed, softer tires and suspension.  (I had tires inflated to 65 psi, and I mistakenly had set my suspension to locked. Tsk tsk mistakes!)

Also a DH rider told me:  do not wear cleats if you are doing hard core extreme downhill, esp rocky downhill.    This could cost you a broken leg or what ever if you can not uncleat at once.  Also, if you are doing a downhill near a ravine, bank or make sure you will fall, just in case  away from the cliff, or ravine.  I see.

Here is a video tip from You Tube on how to negotiate downhills:

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