Tuesday, May 24, 2016

I rode to Jalajala today and met Peter, and champs Iveler Nebres and Aries Sison

Wheels of Happiness

Rizal Philippines
May 24, 2016

I rode to Jalajala today, leaving at 6 am, going to church and going straight to Km 72 of Jalajala. I am sure that I am nearing my goal of riding 30 km in one hour or less.  I guess, I biked it at  1:08 because I arrived at 6:08 (on the assumption that I left at exactly 6:00.  But wait, I still went  to Sacred Heart Church to pray. That would be about 5 minutes.

I guess I was pretty much benchmarking Iveler, body down parallel to the tube, hands on the dropsand gears at 53 x13 or 53 x 11, probably doing 30+ kph.  I was in Jalajala by 8:30.  (I slowed down a bit)  I climbed Quisao Hill at 53 x15 and finished it standing up on the pedals.  (I did this several times:  biak na bato, and Baras Tanay Hill, going as slow as 5 kph going up at 53 x 11.  This I am sure develop strength and true grit when climbing.

We ate at Pisong Kape, and there met Iveler Nebres (who won in convincing manner the FilChi 35 and below race last Sunday at Roxas Blvd. and Aries Sison of BCC who finished 7th the 35 and above category.  Di daw naglunch si Aries.

Somebody died at the race last Sunday;  even robbed of the bike

As per kuwento in the said conversation, somebody a 50s old man, who joined the race who collapsed some 150 meters from the finish line (near the Airstocrat traffic light at Roxas blvd; did not make it and died apparently of a heart attack.  While his bike was carried to the officials table, somebody allegedly, pretending he was a relative/friend took away the bike (nanenok).   How sad and cruel to rob a man who died of his precious possession.  May the wages of sin be death.

Met again Peter A and friend

I met again Peter A (whom I met last Friday, and who as Filchi Bikefest at Roxas blvd last Sunday) at Pisong Kape.  He was with a friend who had a Kuota Italina made carbon fiber bike with Durace groupset.   We rode home together.  However, I must have paced fast because I did not see them afterwards.  I passed at Cardona diversion this time using 39 x 28.

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