Monday, May 30, 2016

Our bike ride to Jalajala yesterday May 29, 2016

Wheels of Happiness

Rizal Philippines
May 30, 2016

Vhen Apran  and I rode together to Jalajala yesterday.  We got together in Morong Cardona boundary. He recognized me but I did not because he was wearing the new uniform.  We had breakfast at Simples Lugawan in Maybancal Morong.  There we saw the Recyclists:    Master, Meong, Jess, Pres. Luis, Gerry Etoy the BCC, and Taytay Cyclists.

After breakfast, we decided to bike to Pisong Kape in Pililla.   Just at the hill before Lagundi I shifted the MTB gear to 44 x 13 and overtook the peloton and never gave the lead until km 58 which was my target distance for the all out ride (doing 32 to 35)  Etoy and Pres Luis were on the lead and we did rubber band pacing in Tanay.

When we arrived in Pililla, I told Vhen we would go to Quisao so we did (that was Km 63)  I still went on until km 73 past the welcome arch to Jalajala.  We had buko (only P15) at Niyugan where we met former councilor Idol (a la Levy Celerio - he can play musical insturments at his mouth lips and nose.

I was pacing Vhen while trying hard gears   44 x 11 and 13.  I was trying what Iveler did on the race.  High gear, body close to the tube and rapid pedalling rate.  The method is hard on the thighs and back

Pit stop at pisong kape where we had drinks.  I had small gatorade and plenty of water.   We biked again and I still paced Vhen using hard gears.  I tried to climb Tanay hill with 44 x 17 and even standing to compensate for the high gear.  We stopped at Vista open air resto and garden for some drinks and Vhen for lugawa

Another stop at Cardona where we had water and biscuits  We were intervieweded by the store keeper on where we came from, why are you biking, the cost of the bike.

We arrived past 12.  It was hot and we had to make frequent stops

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