Wednesday, June 1, 2016

3x up San Carlos Heights practice ride today, June 1, 2016 - a killer practice?

Wheels of Happiness

Rizal Philippines
June 1, 2016

Happy June my birth month.

For my practice ride today, I did 3x up San Carlos Heights up to 2nd cross (only the paved portion of San Carlos, from Tolentino. I encountered about 6 mtb riders  who were on the way down, 5 on the way up on my last rep.   three were riding up granny gears, while two who were probably on 1 x 11 raced up before  the water tank on probably 32 x 25.   I chased them but they were very young riders.   I should do that more often ie interval on rides up like this.

But 3x SCH is a killer practice  dont you think

I saw Smith doing this type of practice ride and tried to imitate this.  I hope this gives me more strength and speed.

I met August Concepcion, the father of the owner of Pajak and Modified Supplier of construction materials on my 2nd round going down.   I asked him yesterday about the Sava titanium selling for only P42 t.

I  passed by Sir Jun Vic house VM (to inquire about his Marin light bike with Rockshox xt and Easton tires.  He is is using this often, and is a very light bike.  Cost him 2nd hand P60t (but would cost P100t to build) It must weigh less than 10 kgs.

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