Sunday, June 19, 2016

Project Bianchi

Wheels of Happiness

Rizal Philippines
June 19, 2016

I did not have this plan. But Reymond who got the Orbea carbon fiber frame at Fairview (from Armand) for P13,500, offered me the newly acquired Bianchi alum frame he just got from Jr, (a racer rider from 711).  So I reluctantly got it under an instalment plan (two gives ang nangyari 2 +3 in 4 days ha6)

Bianchi is a well known Italian bike and was made famous by Tour riders who liked Bianchi. It is still a famous brand and Bianchi Infinito full carbon would set you back by 2,200 pounds   Bianchi has 100 years of tradition.

I took inventory of what I had:   two Sora brakes on stationery trainer, two Ultegra STI, two Ultegra brakes, FD Ultegra, RD Ultegra, two Campagnolo wheel set with 105 hubs 9 speed, one 12 to 28 ten speed cogs. I lacked rhe tires and interior and the crankset.  The crankset I had were 3 x 10  and a Durace 8 speed old crank.  So will not do.


1.  The 105 hub/freewheel  is only 9 speed.  I tried putting the cogs which are ten speed and they fitted (puwede pala).  The mechanics and the publications/you tube says it can do.  Problem solved

2.  The Campagnolo was put in storage because Pres. Luis said that using this is dangerous.  But I measured the thickness of the edges and they were still about 2.5 mm and there were no cracks nor defect.  So I could be used again.  Problem solved.

3. The cranks and the tires.  For the crank, my mind was debating based on the offerings posted:

     1.  Gossamer FSA for P1,800.  But I found it weighed 800 grams +

    2.  Ultegra 10 speed 50  34 P4,900 without bottom bracket.  The owner said it is supposed to be light very light being made from titanium.  But the weight winnie says that Shimano cranks are heavy.  The ultegra cranks weigh almost 800 grams.

   3.  50 34 or 53  39

        You can buy a 50  34 crank with 110 bcd and can be fitted with a 52 outer ring. (That means you still have to buy a 52 crank

        The 50 34 is being junked by many puriut racer becasue at 100 rpm, the 50 ring can only do 50 kph and spin out.  The 53 can reach 53 +.

        Since this will be for road ride only I opted for the 53 39.

        My choice was FSA K force carbon and would be supposed to weigh only 660 grams.

4.  Tires.

     A Panaracer would cost about P850;   a Maxxis tire would set you back by P1,200.  The high end Conti would be between P1,800 to P2,200 a piece.  The Conti tires are light, easy to install and sevice when you have a flat, and long lasting.  The 2nd hand Conti I had is more than 2 years old.  The Panaracer would last about 6 months tops.  So Conti more expensive tires make sense.

    I saw a post by Wilson bike parts which is only P2,700 a pair.  I got the Conti GP from Germnay.  Each tire would weigh only about 150 grams

    Thus I started assembling this last Thursday and finished Friday.  I tried it Friday pm but the Conti tube had a leak. I realized it had bleb from whence the leak occured.  It had a bleb.  Made in China.

The finished bike

                                     Without bar tape yet

                                     At Shell gas station

                                              More beautiful with water bottle and bar tape

The tires

                                                Limited Edition frame

                                                    Made in Germany, not China

                                                  105 222 grams very light pedal, carbon

                                               FSA carbon lite weight 53 39 crank

                                       JR the original owner raced for 7 11, ultegra brake

                                            Conti GP German made tires

                                                Carbon fiber drop bar

                                                  Ultegra RD

                                                The 10 speed 12 28 cogs and Campy wheel

                                                      25 wide tires

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