Monday, June 6, 2016

Checking out the SAVA Titanium bike at Mars Kingdom - great value for money

Wheels of Happiness

Angono Rizal
June 6 2016

Happy double six (6) my destiny number.

I went to Mars Kingdom building in Quiapo today, arriving some 2 1/2 hours later after I left Angono to check out the Titanium bike that they are offering for 43t (50% discount from the all ready discounted price of P89,000.)   I was disappointed with the P19t promo of Sava 550 MTB.  It was quite heavy and ugly  (That is why it is on discount promo)

August Concepcion, the father of the owner of Pajak, and an avid MTB recommended that I try the SAVA titanium now on sale for only P43t at Mars Kingdom

My contact person there is Luds and she showed me the bike at the second floor and it was truly impressive:

XT group set:   brakes, changer, FD, RD (not shadow though)   with 36 cogs, 3 x 10,
WTD wheelset and tires 1.95
Titanium handle bar, seat post (oh I did not check the seat)
Manitou shocks  (Maybe Marvel subrand?)

At 49 t asking price for this model (the 43t applies to Deore only group set and different kind of shocks) this is a great value for money.

XT group set -                                               P23,000 (only P19,000 at their store;   on sale)
Manitou  shocks ($350,00) x 46/$ -              P16,000

Total                                                                 39,000

The balance of P10,000 is just for the frame, seatpost, headpost and handle bar.  How much would be a titanium frame, handlebar and seat post, What about the wheelset and tires?  And so I say and recommend that if you have money, buy this now    (Sadly, it must be cash;  Credit card would set you back by 5% or roughly P2,000.)

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Jorgeus said...

Someone asked me about the SAVA titanium performance. Of all the SAVA bike, I think it is the lightest and one of the best. The others are cheap but are heavy. It is great value for money. I got mine for P49t Xt with Manitou fork. How much does a Lynsky titanium bike cost - P100+ (P140) You buy it for the ultimate material in bike. It is also light