Sunday, June 5, 2016

We went and joined the Bike Race at Neopolitan Fairview sponsored by Salik (Life Cycle) today, June 5, 2016

Wheels of Happiness

Rizal Philippines
June 5, 2016

                                  On the way to Fairview, the riders at Katipunan near Myriam

I joined Reymond Pactao, Iveler Nebres, Aries Sison at Neopolitan (near SM Fairview ) at Lagro who joined the race.  There must be about 500 cylcists of all kinds:   fixie, mountain, ladies, young and as far as Nueva Ecija and Bulacan (San Miguel) who joined the race.  The Categories were 50 ;and above, open,  35 and below, 17 and below, mountain bikers and ladies.  Only 1 2 3 top placers were awarded the prize.

The entries for our area are 50 and below:  Aries Sison, Arnel, Papa Rom

Arnel from Teresa officially got 2nd but my pictures showed him to be winner. Aries was 7th and  Papa Rom was in the top ten.

For the 35 and below:   Aries, Reymond, and Iveler.  Iveler led several times but a the final lap, the tactics of the home riders got him hemmed in and could only manage a fifth place finish.

Podium finish for Arnel for 50 and above

                                      Cash prize being given (P3, 2, 1t)


                                         Papa Rom  perspiring profusely after his race

                                                   Papa Rom and Arnel

                                The speedometer of Papa Rom says he had speed of over 70 kph

                                        Iveler before the race

                                         Iveler  Nebres and Aries Sison
                                           Reymond Pactao and Iveler

                                                     Iveler warming up

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