Monday, June 13, 2016

Biking for good health and long life

Wheels of Happiness

Rizal Philippines
June 13, 2016

Today I biked to San Carlos Heights using the Ti. MTB.  I did 3x up and down Tolentino up to the paved portion of the road till the 2nd way of the cross.  That is lung busting.  I must have seen about a dozen MTB climb up the antenna.  I saw Atty Arceo whom I initially mistook at Ego Villamayor.  He had fat bike MTB with him.

Down at Angono, near lugawan, I saw the biker who did the Gate 2 climb doing a cross stitch.  He said he used 24 x 15.  Wow.  He said his name is Jake from Taytay and was with 3 others

This is a way of washing away from my mind the death of a kumpare last Saturday from complications of diabetes.  He died from lockjaw because of infected gangrenous leg, which he refused to be amputated.  But it smelled of dead carcass according to his wife and had fly larva all ready.

I hope biking will give me longer life and lower my blood sugar.  I pray

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