Tuesday, February 26, 2013

How did I do in the bike ride last Sunday Feb 24, 2013?

Real Cyclists

                            At Daang Hari -AZ road intersection, Jorgeusbiker can still smile

I think I did not do very bad nor very well in my bike ride last Sunday, February 24, 2013.

For the first time ever, I did not feel good enough to go to work the following day.  Yesterday am, I had to beg off work.  My legs and whole body ached.

High lights/what I recalled:

> I was at the back of peloton and chased them when they were doing 43 kph at c6.  I think I passed some fellow Recyclists.

>From Bicutan to Alabang, I was with the lead pack,

> At Daang Hari, everybody was just riding until the last 3 km when everybody biked fast and furious;  I relaxed when it was 2 km till Bacoor and I was passed.

> At Paliparan I was ahead for about 7 km or so;  I lost the speed at the last 3 km.

>At Greenwoods, I was at the middle pack

>At Tagaytay last 10 km, I could see the back of the other riders.  I even passed Gerry.  I relaxed at the last 2 km.  Gerry remarked yesterday that I had heavy gear:  39 x 17 doing the Tagaytay climb.

Just to let you know you know the punishing pace, at Bicutan at 711, guys were looking for efficascent oil and were complaining of aching thighs.

I could notice that the pace slackened at C6 on the way back (fatigue set in).

I am happy with this ride considering that a young rider had cramps and had to quit;  and there were guys who had muscle fatigue.  (Mine set in only yesterday)  I had sound sleep last night too.

                                      Posing before a giant wheelset

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