Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Choco2 may be discharged today, still limps

Real Cyclist

   Netoy showing his armpit hairs to Choco2!

Rizal Provincial Hospital System Annex, Angono, Rizal, PHL | February 20,2013

I visited Choco2 twice today:   once at 7:25 am before going to work, and today at 10: 00 am. His parents were out early in the morning  I brought some merienda for him at 10:00 am and took pictures.  He went to the cr when I went for the second time.  His father and mother were there this time.

Choco2 may be discharged this afternoon. He says his body still aches and his left leg still swollen, limps.

There was another motorcycle victim in the war, a new one, who figured again on head on collision at Calumpang hiway. 

Choco2 was lucky;  there were three who died in a motorcycle accident in Angono last Monday dawn.  Three riding in tridem at bike tested a 4 wheeled vehicle in a head on collision.  All the passengers died.

Need we say more?

So some things are in order:

l.  Safety training for motorbike riders;

2.  Always wear your helmet.

3.  Avoid going out with your bike without lights at night

4.  Enforce law vs drunken driving strictly. The police should concentrate on this:  safety.  Be strict about liquor laws.

5.  Run after drug pusher.  Detain drivers who are drug crazed and I think there are many.

6.  Limit sales of motorcycles to those who are responsible.

7.  Enforce comprehensive insurance on motorbikes (I think most only have tpl).  No comprehensive insurance, no registration

                                      The left leg is swollen and he still limps

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