Monday, February 18, 2013

My seat post tightening mechanism broke!

Real Cyclists

Rizal, PHL   |  February 18, 2013

I was adjusting the height of my SARS bike seat when all of the sudden, the seatpost tightening mechanism turned loose - loose thread.  I could no longer tighten the tongue mechanism (it was like the old head post mechanism) the thread of the aluminum tongue broke.  

Problem:  I could not use the bike.  Alternative:  I had to get the spare parts, or have the thread repaired:    Alternatives:    l.  I could have oversized bolt,    or 2. have a nut installed at the end of the tongue.  The tongue could be sawed and the nut installed at the end, or deepen the hole at the end and have the nut glued by metallic glue.

The machine shop guys said the oversize alternative is easier is cheaper:   P10.00 for the oversized 8 mm bolt, and PHP for the drilling and rethreading job.

Solved....Before noon.

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