Sunday, February 24, 2013

Joseph had cramps; he quit at Daang Hari; now we know why some riders had some excusxes

Real Cyclists

Angono, Rizal, PHL   February 23, 2013

                                            Welcome Joseph;  his photo at Seaoil in Silang

First let us welcome Joseph.  It is very welcome and refreshing to have young blood come to our group.  That means we are a young group; and that means we will have a great future.  Joseph will give Choco2 competition so that he will not e complacent.

Joseph, the relative of Weng, a very young rider who joined us today (as sub for Choco2) but he quit at Daang Hari on the way back;  he had cramps.  His bike does not have a derailleur.  Morever, he could be short on mileage and endurance.

Maybe some new riders know their limitations that is why they did not join.  Hahaha.  It is 150 km of hard ride.  Uphill.  That is Tagaytay.

                                The very old (62) and very young Joseph

                                   Joseph, Archie and his Tito Weng

                              That is where we passed thru:  Daang Hari

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