Sunday, February 24, 2013

Bike vs car? - bear misses today; God is kind

Real Cyclists

Taytay Rizal, PHL   |  February 24, 2013.

While in Taytay:

l.  Ben narrated the story that 5 km from Tagaytay City on the way home, about l:15, he nearly figured in an accident.  A Getz compact travelling at high speed in front of him (he too was going downhill at a fast clip) suddenly made a u turn.  He braked hard and swerved to the left;  he missed the car by a foot.  Had he not missed it, he would hit the car, and cartwheeled.  He could be: badly injured or in Hea(ben)ven.

2.  I saw with my two eyes that a black Mazda sedan tried to intentionally run down VM and his Pinarello.  VM avoided him and swerved to the right in a nick of time;  he/we did not get the plate number of the bad car (it is bolted to the car -  hahaha)

There are really bad motorists on the road and make our life very dangerous.

Ingat po

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