Tuesday, February 19, 2013

I visited Choco2 at the Angono General Hospital one hour ago

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Angono, Rizal, PHL  | February 19, 2013

After reading so many FB posts about Choco2 early today about his accident and his confinement at the Angono General Hospital at Barrio San Isidro (it is some 200 meters from here I work and 250 meters from the house), I visited him.   It took me sometime before I knew where was confined (the data base/info system of the hospital is not centralized/computerized);  I had to inquire at each and every nurse station where Jeruel (Choco2) Mariposa is.  And I finally I saw him -  with his mother and father Netoy.

Choco2 looked OK of now;  he had some scratches which seemed to have healed;  his legs and arms seemed swollen though. He sat near the edge of the bed.  He is on IV.  His recovery seems rapid.

He said that the motorbike met slammed into him head on near their house at St Monique in Pantok, Binangonan Rizal.  He lost consciousness and his bike was a total wreck.

His offender was also wounded.  He was visited by the offender and the wife (?) at the time I was there and I think they were given money for the medicine.  Netoy said that as per story, the motorbike rider seemed to be high on drugs at the time of accident. No he could not join the Tagaytay ride

There you are;  be careful of motorbike riders especially at night until wee hours of the morning when they could be high on drugs or drunk.

I had some close encounters with motorbikes before and I had to cuss some of them and many are agressive enough to chase me and threaten me.   God knows  and fate knows what they do is wrong and cost them their lives like the accident yesterday where 3 motorbike riders in tridem died from a head on collision with a car.  This guy is lucky because he collided with a bicycle.

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