Thursday, July 23, 2015

Practicing hill climb with my upgraded SARS roadie.

Wheels of Happiness

My SARS bike is  now equipped with triplet, 44 32,22 Deore and  12 to 28 105 sprocket.  I used this for bike ride this morning to Mahabang Parang Angono (between Angono and Antipolo)  I did 5x using 44 x 17 to 21 to a hill climb 200 meters from gate of La Farge to the hill crest of Memorial Park.

Then a hill climb of some 500 meters from the river up to the steep Mahabang Parang pass.  I pedalled slowly using 32 x 21 and  felt bette compared to doing this with 34 x 25.   My project upgrade is now paying off. I was not tired doing this.  I could do this 3x.

The only remaining part of the project is to have the triplet work with a Sora 3 x 9 to make the front derailleur visit the 3 chain ring.  I would not with the current Ultegra STI.

I saw one in Cainta but it will set me back by P6,000.  Medyo OP kasi the others sell the same model for  only P4,500.00. I contacted Marauder and promised to let me know by Weds...

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