Thursday, July 30, 2015

Upgrade of my SARS roadie into a Cyclocross (RB and MTB)

Wheels of Happiness

I have finally completed the Hill Climber bike project. I did the following: replaced the chain wheel 53 x 39 with 44 x 32 x 22 Deore with 175 mm arm, installed a 3 way STI (sora), had a long cage RD (sora) and 10 speed 11 to 36 cogs: 11 13 15 17 19 21 24 26 32 36. I chose the STX, the more expensive but lighter cogs (with holes and spider arms) vs Alivio which is heavier.
The whole project cost me P7,800 for the sti, cogs, and the rear derailleur. I still have to find a 3 plet front derailleur. (The one I use is an old sora for 2 chain chain rings only)
Why do I have this project:
1. I have to use friendlier gear ratios as I am not getting younger.
2. When we go back to Banawe and Mt. Data, I will not run of gears.
3. I plan to join the guys who go on island hopping tours using cylocross bikes (I still to buy 25 mm wide tires) O I may go solo in August to Mindoro and up to Panay island
4. Convenience.

For the 44 chain ring I will have gear inches of 110 for the 11 teeth (which is the same ratio as a 50 chain ring)
I can cover the gear inches of even 50 x 34 chain ring. Up to 32 tooth, I have gear inches of 37
The gear inches for 34/28 is 36.
Thus I can climb moderate hills, even Mahabang Parang or Antipolo without changing chain rings. The 32 chain ring is for moderate steep hills like Eastridge or even Antenna.

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