Sunday, August 2, 2015

Our bike ride today, August 2, 2015

Wheels of Happiness

Angono, Rizal Philippines
August 2, 2015

We had earlier planned to do a Jala jala ride this morning.  We met at Sacred Heart but only very few arrived:   Joel, Master E, Meong, Pres Luis, Jess and myself.  We left at 6:30 so that we could escape the warm temp.  

And so we rode out and I tried my new hill climber project.  I rode at 44 x 11 or  44 x13 spinning only.   I noticed though that I left most of them.  And Jess caught up with me at convention center and all I did was to keep on spinning.  But I noticed that going up to Montevideo he was standing;  I was only using the gears at 44 x 15 which were rather light. Then I continued doing that until Callahan and until Morong. He said "kargado kayo"  - I was not.  I had only two days bike ride:   Antipolo and Teresa Thursday, and Medalva Friday am.  And I was tired from the teaching stint and bus travel from Clark Air Base in Angeles City.

Joel and Master arrived later because it rained when they were in Cardona.

We had our Lugaw at Simples in Maybancal.  Other riders arrived:  Ven and VM.  We could not continue to Pisong Kape because the riders were coming back:    it was raining in Tanay and Pililla..  We had no choice except to go home.  The rains ruined our ride.

                                 Pres Luis, Master E, Joel, and Meong wait for other fellow Recyclists

                                     Pres Luis and Jess having breakfast at Simples

                                    Master E and Joel enjoying their meal and Mt. Dew

                                 Jess' Ridley that is fully loaded

                               Aspog, Master and Joel

                                      Jess Vhen and Luis

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