Tuesday, August 25, 2015

This is how to train to be stronger?

Wheels of Happiness

August 25, 2015

After last Sunday's Bugarin ride, I rested yesterday.  But today, it was a little bit rough.  I biked to Sto Rosario past Lafarge and did 5x hill climb, first was over geared, then under geared. then under geared standing, over geared and then easy climb (32 x 32)

And then I went up the Mahabang Parang hill and I had to use 32 x32.   I did not have to stand and hurry up the pedalling, I was tired and breathless.

Then, not happy with that, I did a messengerial work.  I biked to BK at Frontera Tiendesitas.  It was a good choice because there was a lot of traffic even at Angono.  The intersection going to Baytown has now become a bottle neck.  And so with the Elem School at floodway before the Highway 2000 (fishport).  Traffic too at Puregold and C5.  But I made it on time 9 am.  I was trying to fast pedal at 90 rpm as taught by Ed Valdez.   High cadence pedalling means you have to learn to breath faster and higher heart rate.  It leaves you breathless and tired after the ride.  I had to sleep after eating and weashing up

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