Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Fast cadence riding and use of cadence counter

Wheels of Happiness

Angono, Rizal Philippines
August 18, 2015

When we were riding to Luisiana, Ed "Ido" told me as we were going up Kalayaan that he favors fast cadence riding. ie that the most economical ride pedalling rate is between 90 and 100 rpm. It is possible to know that if you have cyclometer with cadence counter.

For him, with a 12 to 34 cogs, this means having his gears at 53 x 26.  (For about 51 gear inches).  Will he be left behind by guys using say 53 x 14.  He said that the pedaling rate will eventually catch up with speed. This is the training for champs

I tried using this technique and  by the time we were at Luisiana, it was game over for me.  I have to get used to this technique

Ed texted me further that his training rides are either to Bugarin or Sierra Madre  6 to 10.  No rests in between.  He usually rides up with 53 x 26 and stands up for say up to 10 km.  With his lean body, and strong leg muscles, he can do that.  And that he is a Valdez, the family of great riders/bikers

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