Monday, August 10, 2015

My bike ride yesterday August 9, 2015

Wheels of Happiness

Rizal   August 9, 2015

                                My upgraded SARS bike in front of Antipolo Cathedral

This author climbed Antipolo went down to Teresa, ate Lugaw in Teresa and then back to Antipolo.  It has to be short and hard ride because of a social obligation in the afternoon

It was short yet demanding ride.  I used my upgraded SARS with 36 cogs. I used only 44 x 17 and 19 going up.  I guess these were undergeared and this bike makes me stronger.  I had to learn to pedal faster and smoother too to keep up with high geared bikers.

It will take about a month probably to get used to this gearing.  One thing I noticed that with the Deore chain ring and the large gears, pedalling is much smoother and lighter.  I have to pedal faster though

                                Eli from Marikina, senior like me 63 yo

                                        Front view of my SARS bike

                                   Growing number of lady bikers

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