Tuesday, August 18, 2015

My bike ride today with Vhen to Antipolo from Teresa

Wheels of Happiness

Angono Rizal
August 18, 2015

I rode today to Antipolo and Teresa today and back to Antipolo.  I used the fast cadence technique being endorsed by Ed Valdez.   I had the gear at 44 x 15 on level road and 44 x 17 going up.  I had up to 44 x 26 at Beverly. On the way up I encountered Peter Francisco whom I overtook near Alta Vista and wondered who I was.  (Peter is a 68 yo Taytay rider but very fit and strong for his age all due to biking)

I overtook another MTB near Robinson using 44 x 17.   But as I rode down, I shifted to 44 x 13 and banked well, rode the apex and the sides exiting the apex.   I had my Lugaw at the Teresa curve and as soon as I finished my lugaw, Vhen, whom I talked to yesterday at Wawa arrived.

Going back he said he would follow me and try to see how I do with the low gearing of the Deore.  I had my gears at 44 x26 and 44 x 30 max.   And also stood at the Solid cement, where I left him.  We were totally drenched in sweat.  He arrived some 3 minutes later at Robinson where I waited for him.  Then we went to Antipolo church.   We met Eric Feliciano, who looks like he is a priest, who bikes, and enjoined us to "ingat"

We were home by 10 am.

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