Sunday, April 5, 2015

Happy Easter ride today, April 5, 2015

Wheels of Happiness

Happy Easter greetings today

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We rode today, right after the salubong at 6 am when the procession just was leaving Bloomingdale,   I met Pres Luis at Jollibee Unishoppe aid he was waiting for Armin Z.  I was able to leave at 6:40.  I did not see the two but I saw Nino and another rider from Taytay.  I passed them at Tagpos.  However they caught with me and Weng at Convention Center and the three of then rode their pace (30+ or 40 kmh thereabout)

I was in Simples lugawan by 7:10 and there I met:   Pres Luis, Armin, Archie, Master E, Alan, Weng, Angel, Jess, Joel. Meong At about 7:40, the group decided to ride  to Pisong Kape Pililla..  I rode ahead of others, and they caught up with me (the Halimaws) at km 56 (that was 2 km to destination.   Normally they catch me up at km 52

Of course, I met them at Pisong about 8:10 They would have probably been ahead in under a minute since they were just getting off their bikes when I arrived.  (Ed 7 days also arrived)

At 9:00 we rode back.  Again, I rode ahead.  They caught up with me at the boundary of Baras and Tanayt.  I was being kowtowed by a biker from Sta Mesa Manila who could hardly keep away from me..  At Simples, I stopped because VM was there.  And so with Meong, Angel, Weng.  It was about 10 am.  Then we rode home, and stopped in front of URS.

We were home by about 11 am

Happy Easter to every one

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